🦡 Making bad things

Someone standing in front of a painting

I have a tendency to leave some things unfinished.

The main two creative passions in my life up until this point has been map-making and programming. I made maps - both digitally and with paper and pen - from ages 6 - 15. I've been programming since I was 16, but more seriously since I was 18. In both of those periods, I tended to leave major projects unfinished (more often with programming, even though I've had more shots on goal with map making).

Recently I began to understand why it was that I leave things unfinished. I've never been deeply afraid of judgement ridicule - that my work wouldn't be liked, or used by lots of people. Rather, it is the standard I put on myself to make something great. What's the point in making something if it needs to be bad first? This mentality for me isn't exactly omnipresent, but it creeps in whenever there is a consistent and lengthy time commitment involved with building something in public.

This is a common un-learning problem among lots of technically-oriented people. I imagine it is more common in technical founders.

Lots of people make things and stop due to fear of judgement. Others make things and stop due to the pressure they put on themselves. With enough experience I've learned this pressure, like many things, is another tool that isn't always useful.

Trying to un-learn this one step at a time.