🚲 Pedalcell

A battery attached to a bike

My friend Vishaal has done something really special with PedalCell.

One of the things you're supposed to do as a startup founder is dominate a niche. This intuitively makes sense, as you won't get noticed if you aren't the best at something, irrespective of how large that market is.

PedalCell has done this: they've developed the best bike-powered battery bank in the world. It's so good, you'd think it was a new category (see the bottle dynamo).

The most impressive thing about this to me has been Vishaal and Adam's consistency. From the time PedalCell got started until now, I started my second year of community college, got into Northwestern, (almost) graduated, and became a completely different person. they are too, but in that time, the mission and product endured. That says something about him, and the power of a good idea.

I've also been told they might break 1M ARR this year.