🧠 On thinking too much

Much of the progress in my life has has been made on the back of deciding between two things.

Which...well, I mean, yeah. Suppose it was the right one; cool. If it wasn't, there's probably a lesson I should have learned. Time passes, and you can tell the difference between the two.

You have more of these in your life than you might immediately think. Do you work out today? Read a book for an additional 30 minutes? Etc. Etc.

I've found what could be more detrimental than the second option (depending on how you value your time) is the time spent thinking about deciding between those two things. If you have some mental framework where you 1) enjoy the good decisions you made and 2) also enjoy learning when you're wrong/fixing those mistakes, delaying both with thinking becomes this stubborn third option.

This idea is apparent in startups, where if you're not winning, you should be failing/learning from your mistakes. The elephant in the room becomes the time spent not doing either at your company or in your personal life.

Quick decisions, usually made with haste, lead to good outcomes for good teams. Creating that haste is probably favorable because, as a founder, it's ultimately up to you to decide how you and your team spend your time.

To save as much of it as possible and ultimately make progress, I spend less time thinking about options 1 and 2.