⏲️ Wasting time pt. 1

Someone frustrated

When I started college, I noticed I had an issue - whenever I didicated myself to something, I would frequently tell myself that I was wasting my time.

Ignoring coursework, whenever I wanted to apply myself to something new (or something I had started in the past), I thought too much about how it'd "pay off." This led me to think too much about how it could go wrong. Which, finally, led to me convincing myself that it wasn't worth it.

There was no work for the sake of working. Or, working for fun. The reality was I was afraid of taking the risk to try somethin gnew, so everything seemed like a bad idea.

As a possible inverse to the dip, here's a tiny framework I now use to decide when to start something, and stick with it:

  • do I enjoy doing this?
    • if no, I should probably stop
    • or, outsource it
  • is there a greater-than-linear upside if it works?
    • increase in a skill in an area you value or interest? is there a community/social gain? monetery gain?
  • is failure worth it?
    • i.e. did failure net me jsut lessons, or something more?

I am joining a health tech startup in a month or so - one that checks all three boxes really well. I've found that going more granular than this is a form of procrastination. Actually, most of my lack of commitment might be linked to procrastination in some way.